Call us now: +49 241 1890 554 is a service of the GRÜN IT Group GmbH processes your payment online using the direct debit method. At, buyers pay with only their email address and bank account details, completely without registration. Each payment is then authorized using a security TAN (transaction number) received by the buyer via a text, like online banking. During the payment process, buyers remain on the provider’s website and are not redirected to an external payment provider webpage.


General for shop owner
  • Processing of online direct debit payments
  • Ready-to-use purchase button for a fast integration
  • Digital content delivery
  • Bulk Discount
  • Multi-level dunning system via text message & email
  • No registration and login needed at (perfect for
  • No installation fee
  • No fees for returning debits


Safe payment procedure
  • Blacklisting
  • German data protection policies
  • 256 Bit SSL encryption
  • Security TAN
  • Fraud Management

One product, four solutions.

Purchase button

Position the ready-to-use purchase button, which can be easily placed on your website. You can then set which file you want to sell online with the first click on your new button.

iFrame & Mobile is integrated in the page’s design via iFrame. This variant is particularly suitable for integration into web pages for smartphones or tablet computers. is firmly integrated into your website.

API interface offers an interface for recurrant debit charges. This allows retailers to freely design their user interface for the payment dialog box, and thus perfectly match it to the shop’s look.

WordPress Plugin

Do you use the WordPress Plugin WooCommerce to sell your goods and services? With the WordPress plugin, you can easily and conveniently add a popular internet payment method to your online store.

Security with online payments only queries your end customer’s most important information. This is stored and processed according to German data protection laws.

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