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iFrame & Mobile

Integrated via iFrame snippet.

Firmly integrated into the design of your page via iFrame is integrated in the page’s design via iFrame. This variant is particularly suitable for integration into web pages for smartphones or tablet computers. is firmly integrated into your website.

The payment process is done in 3 steps:

  1. The customer opens the payment dialog box directly in your site via iFrame
  2. The customer enters their email and bank account, and receives a TAN via SMS; without having to enter personal data
  3. The customer receives a protected link to your content or service via email

Online payment system that can be used throughout Europe

Plausibility checks of bank details

Optional invoicing through

Secure SSL connection


The documentation explains the technical integration of the payment system via the interface description API Button and iFrame integration. The document is in German language. The english version is under construction.


Demo-Shop iFrame & Mobile

Buy an MP3 song as a test. For this you don’t need to fill out any fields, just click. No transactions are made.

Demo Shop iFrame

Mp3Download MP3 file:

Johnny Smith
My Melody, (MP3 | 128kbs)

Integrate into your website.