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Seamless integration into WooCommerce.

WordPress plugin for WooCommerce

Do you want to use the WooCommerce WordPress plugin for sale of your goods and services? With the WordPress plugin, you can easily and conveniently add a popular internet payment method to your online store. In the checkout process, the plugin can be customised to match the design of WordPress themes. This automatically reduces the drop-out rate in online shopping, because your end users don’t need to open a third-party page for payment. The option to order as a  guest, i.e. withount prior registration, is often used by many online shoppers. With, you have the chance to the let customers who randomly land in your webshop to order your goods and services easily and quickly, and without the effort of having to register.

Online payment system usable throughout Europe

Customisation of the design to match a WordPress theme

Seamless integration into WooCommerce, the leading WordPress eCommerce plugin

Optional invoicing via

Demo store WordPress connection

Once installed, the WordPress plugin fits perfectly into the WooCommerce environment. The plugin is ready to use.

Download Plugin

Demo store WordPress connection

See for yourself how works in a WordPress Webshop. Test as much as you want. No transactions will be made.

Integrate into your website.