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API interface

Wiederkehre Lastschrift-Zahlungen.

API interface for one-time and recurring direct debits

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to easily and cost-effectively perform regular payment collections from your customers – e.g. on a subscription basis?

For recurring debit charges, offers an interface that can be accessed via HTTP request. This allows retailers to freely design their user interface for the payment dialog box, and thus perfectly match it to the shop’s look. Seamless integration of the payment process into your checkout process.

Online payment system that can be used throughout Europe

Customisation of texts

Can be integrated into any shop system

Seamlessly integrate the payment process into the checkout process

Embedding into the user interface via REST interface

Pre-filled fields

Classic bank details or IBAN

Subscription function

Trigger periodic payments

Via the web service, a professional integration of in your workflow that makes unique and recurring payments collections (e.g. in subscriptions, contributions) possible. The document is in German language. The english version is under construction.

API interface

Demo Shop API interface

See for yourself how works in a webshop via the API interface. Try as much as you want. No transactions are posted.

Integrate into your website.