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Frequently Asked Questions of buyers

Frequently Asked Questions of buyers

You have paid over in an online store and have questions? In this section, we have summarized the frequently asked questions for you. Should you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us.

How does the purchase process with work? is a direct debit service provider for online stores. To complete a purchase, the customer must deposit his email address, cell phone number and account information. The purchase is verified by entering a TAN sent by a text to the specified cell phone number.

What do I do when it comes to technical problems in handling the payment process?

Please try the purchase process in a different browser. Should there be further problems, please contact

Why don't I get your confirmation mail?

Depending on the provider, it can happen that our confirmation email lands in your junk email folder.

Please check your junk email folder. If you also can’t find any confirmation e-mail here, then please write to us at

What do I do if the transfer from my account failed?

Please transfer the outstanding amount including chargeback fees and handling charges with the reference number to our account: GmbH
IBAN: DE14 3005 0000 0001 5552 18

Can draw the amount once more from my account?

No, you have only granted the GmbH a one-time direct debit authorization.

How can the bank charges for a chargeback be justified?

The return debit charges consist of the bank charges of your bank and our bank combined. We cannot influence the amount of the fees.

How do I change my bank account / subscription data?

Log online to the provider’s website and make the changes there. These are automatically sent to us in the next payment process.

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