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A product of GmbH.

About GmbH (former Momax GmbH) offers an innovative online payment system for instant purchases across Europe. Our micropayment processes your payments online using the direct debit method. At, buyers pay with only their email address and bank account details, with no need for further registration.

Wir stellen in Deutschland effiziente, innovative und hoch spezialisierte Online-Payment Software zur Abwicklung des gesamten her und sind Träger des Software Made in Germany-Siegels.

We produce an efficient, innovative and highly specialized online payment software. Our solutions are “Software made in Germany”  and awarded by the Federal Association of IT-SMEs of Germany (BITMI), the only information technology industry association which exclusively represents the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Germany. GmbH is part of the GRÜN Group around GRÜN Software AG. They have been successfully established in the IT market for more than 25 years.