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Purchase Button

Ready to use in 3 minutes.

Ready-to-go purchase button especially for files

Do you want to sell a digital file with little effort? For this, you’ll get the HTML code for a ready-to-use purchase button, which you simply place on your site. With the first click on your new button, you can then set which file you want to sell online. opens when you click on the purchase button. This variant is particularly suitable for online stores (e-business, e-commerce).

Demo shop buy button

Buy an MP3 song as a test. For this you don’t need to fill out any fields, just click. No transactions are made.

Ready-to-use purchase button specifically for files

Do you want to sell goods or services online? You can generate your purchase buttons dynamically on your server. You also have numerous possibilities to calibrate the payment process on your system.

Button generator

Integrate into your website.